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High End aluminium and carbon fibre connectors with Rhodium Rh45 plated pure copper plugs for optimum conductivity and contact strength.


- High Purity OCC - 6N conductors with large cross-section (5.23mm² / 10 AWG) with STAR structure: 6 concentric multi-stranded conductors around a central multi-stranded conductor offering no dynamic compression, perfect signal transfer and velocity.


- Triple shielding for perfect isolation from surrounding electromagnetic and radio radiation (RFI & EMI): optimal cotton fibre for micro-vibrations internally, aluminium mylar strip and thick PVC peripheral insulation and textile braid externally.


- Conductors directly screwed to the plugs of the connectors without soldering tin, minimising impedance and ensuring perfect current transfer.


  • Finish :

    Black-silver textile braid

    Soft texture

    Power socket :

    1 x Schuko power socket

    Aluminium and carbon fibre body

    Connector :

    1 x IEC-C15 3-pin connector

    Aluminium and carbon fibre body

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