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The ARRAN XLR cable is equipped with 24k gold-plated copper XLR connectors for improved conductivity and optimal contact strength. To ensure perfect signal transmission, the Arran cable features multi-stranded OFC 4N copper conductors of high purity. Its double shielding made of internal cotton fiber is optimal for reducing micro-vibrations, while the external insulation made of thick aluminum foil and PVC provides perfect protection against electromagnetic and radio frequency radiation.


  • Metal connectors in 24k gold-plated copper for better conductivity and optimal contact solidity. OFC conductors - 99.99% - 4N (0.25 & 0.5 mm²) insulated with a structurally stable polyethylene sheath. Double shielding for perfect isolation from surrounding electromagnetic and radiofrequency radiation (RFI & EMI): internal cotton fiber optimal for reducing micro-vibrations, external shielding with thick aluminum foil and PVC.

    Finish and connectors: Soft texture black pearl textile braid.

    Connector: Male and female XLR metal connectors.

    Diameter: 6.5 mm.

    Available lengths: 1m - 1.5m - 2m - 3m.



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