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Copper shielding for optimised insulation against surrounding electromagnetic and radio frequency radiation (RFI & EMI): optimal cotton fibre to reduce micro-vibrations internally, thick PVC insulation externally.


OFC copper:

The Arran PWC power cable benefits from a particularly elaborate and carefully studied design to maximise the transfer of electrical current. In particular, it uses oxygen-free copper conductors (OFC copper). This is used for its high level of purity and remarkable conductivity. It also has a very homogeneous structure, limiting interaction between the grains and thus distortion and interference. Thanks to the use of 2.5 mm conductors, Norstone Arran PWC is capable of delivering a very high current and can therefore be used with any audio or video device, even the most demanding ones such as power amplifiers or subwoofers.


Strong insulation:

The quality of a power supply is also reflected in the purity of the current. To avoid interference, Arran PWC cable encloses the conductors in a copper shield for optimised insulation against surrounding electromagnetic and radio frequency radiation (RFI & EMI). A cotton fibre is also used to reduce internal micro-vibrations, while the thick PVC outer jacket ensures optimal cable durability and insulation.


Gold-plated plugs:

At its ends, the Norstone Arran PWC cable adopts a Schuko type power connector on one side and a three-pole IEC-C15 connector on the other. These plugs are made from a copper body with gold plating. This design ensures optimal contact and better conductivity. The Norstone Arran PWC cable is therefore able to provide optimum transfer of electrical current from the mains socket to the associated device.

The Arran PWC cable is capable of transmitting clean, stable power to the most demanding electronic equipment so that it can operate at its full potential. This makes it an indispensable part of any hi-fi or home cinema installation.


  • Finish: Black nylon braid - soft texture

    Power socket: 1 x Schuko power socket

    Connector: 1 x 3-pin IEC-C15 connector

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