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Sold in packs of four

Optimise the sound experience of your audio system, the Acousteel Damp 200 is the ultimate solution for the most demanding audiophiles looking for an absorber that can withstand up to 80 kg. Thanks to its advanced vibration absorption system, it neutralises unwanted resonances by isolating the vibrations that affect audio components.

Acousteel Damp 200

Available from 15 July
  • The Acousteel Damp 200 is remarkably powerful in terms of load capacity. With just four units, it can support up to 80 kg, making it ideal for use with heavy and sophisticated audio components. This exceptional capacity ensures that even the most massive equipment benefits from effective vibration isolation.

    In terms of dimensions, each Acousteel Damp 200 unit has a diameter of 42.1 mm and a height of 29.9 mm, dimensions designed to maximise efficiency while remaining discreet. These carefully thought-out proportions allow easy installation and compatibility with a wide range of audio systems.

    By integrating the Acousteel Damp 200 into your installation, you can transform your listening experience by reducing unwanted noise and improving sonic accuracy. Whether you're an avid audiophile or a sound professional, this accessory is essential for achieving a superior level of acoustic quality.

  • Finish: Sandblasted nickel plated brass

    Structure: Brass with silicone rubber


    With 4 units: 80 kg max


    • Diameter: 42.1mm
    • Height:29.9mm


    Technical sheet

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