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Sold in packs of four

Optimise the sound experience of your audio system thanks to its vibration-absorbing technology. The Acousteel Damp 100 effectively eliminates unwanted resonances to give you greater clarity and more open sound.

Made from high-quality materials, the Acousteel Damp 100 optimises the performance of your audio system by eliminating distortion caused by parasitic vibrations. Unleash the full sonic potential of your system and immerse yourself in your favourite music with clarity.

Acousteel Damp 100

Available from 15 July
  • Optimise the sound experience of your audio system with the Acousteel Damp 100, the ultimate solution for audiophiles. Designed to meet the needs of music lovers looking to eliminate sound imperfections, the Acousteel Damp 100 incorporates a state-of-the-art vibration absorption system. This effectively neutralises unwanted resonances by isolating vibrations that can affect audio components.

    Finished in sand-blasted nickel-plated brass, the Acousteel Damp 100 is also an elegant design object that blends perfectly into any high-end audio environment. Its robust structure, made of brass and silicone rubber, guarantees exceptional durability while providing optimum isolation.

    If you're looking for a sound absorber for your heavy audio components, the Acousteel Damp 200 can support up to 80 kg,

  • Finish: Sandblasted nickel plated brass

    Structure: Brass with silicone rubber


    With 4 units: 30 kg max


    • Diameter: 38.6mm
    • Height: 22.5mm


    Technical sheet

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